My New Year’s Resolution

The new year is upon us and everyone is making resolutions. For many, it’s that they would eat healthier or workout more to get in shape. For some, it’s that they would give up a bad habit that they have developed. I have a different New Year’s resolution this year, and I challenge you to join me in keeping it in 2015.

In 2015 I want to read through the entire Bible.

I will admit that it is very difficult for me to be consistent in being in the Word. Some days I forget because I’m busy while some days I’m just simply lazy. But there’s no excuse for me with all of the opportunities that I have to read my Bible each day. Even on my busiest days I have the Bible on my smart phone that I can easily access. That’s why this new year I am making a plan. There are plenty of options out there for reading plans, and I’ve been searching for the one that fits me best.

I’ve tried many times to start and stick with reading plans, but many times I’ve failed. I know that this year there will be days that I forget and days that I get busy. There will be times where I fall behind. But being in God’s word is of extreme importance for our growth as Christians, and there is no excuse not to spend time with the Lord.

Take this challenge with me to read through the Bible in 2015. Find a partner to hold you accountable in the process ,and if you have a smartphone use technology to help keep up. Let Psalm 1:2 be the key to the next year, “But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.” Challenge one another to not just read daily, but also let Scripture change you.

In January all of the gyms in town will be packed, and then come March the numbers drop considerably. Diets start out strong and after a couple weeks they often can’t be kept up. Resolutions are usually made in January just to be broken in a few months. But there’s no resolution that’s more important than this, let’s make it a resolution we actually keep.

If you have found a reading plan that works for you please share it here! Happy New Year!

Here’s a couple of links to very helpful plans:

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